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Angus Dundee

For Peat's Sake Blended Scotch Whisky

For Peat's Sake Blended Scotch Whisky

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For Peats Sake Blended Scotch Whisky boasts an intense, rich and smoky flavour.

Matured in specially selected oak casks and expertly blended using peated and non-peated Scotch whiskies, For Peat’s Sake has an earthy character with notes of sweetness rounded off with an exceptional smooth and smoky finish.

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  • Nose

    Rich and peat forward with aromas of charred oak, vanilla, oat biscuits and sultana with fresh citrus highlights.

  • Palate

    Sweet and smoky with layers of treacle toffees, smoked pancetta, maple syrup and cedarwood spices.

  • Finish

    Initially sweet with notes of raisin and roast pecan fading into a long a sooty, smoky linger.

  • Info

    70cl, 40% abv

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